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ALERT: One-Ring Cell Phone Scam

Man On PhoneThere is a new scam going around. Or, rather, one that has come back and is dubbed the One-Ring scam. The target? Curious cell phone users. How does it work? You receive a call on your cell phone from a Caribbean country, where numbers look like US numbers. Typically, it only rings once and the caller hangs up. The number will show up as a missed call on your phone. When curiosity gets the best of you and you call back, that’s when the scammers cash in.

In a story aired on KARE 11, Dan Hendrickson of the Better Business Bureau, says that when you call the number you get routed into “either an international chat line or even an adult entertainment line.” He explains that this racks up a $19.95 charge, with each additional minute potentially costing $9 or $10.

So, how do you protect yourself? Don’t call back when you receive these types of calls. If you have received one, check your cell phone bill to make sure you didn’t get charged. Also, delete these numbers from you phone. KARE 11 journalist Jeffrey Demars said it best, “can you imagine an accidental butt dial and how much that could cost?”